Church Recording

The Church Recording Group meets on alternate Wednesdays for approximately two hours each time. Anyone interested is welcome to call Barbara Shand on 01224 315376.

The Church Recording Group is currently recording the contents of the Scottish Episcopal Church, St Margaret’s of Scotland, Gallowgate, where meetings are presently held. The Church was founded by Father John Comper in 1867. It is a beautiful, light church with a splendid array of vestments, pictures, stained glass and plate.

The architect was Sir Ninian Comper, born in Aberdeen in 1864, the eldest son of the Reverend John Comper.  Much of the interest of St Margaret’s Church derives from the fact of its close association with the Comper family and its beautification with several examples of the work of Sir Ninian.

Here are some examples of the artefacts being recorded by the Church Recording Group: